Apple iPhone 4 8GB (Factory Unlocked)

Unable to Test Damaged Good Flawless


Unable to Test Device can't be fully tested for one of the following reasons: won't power up, blank display/LCD, bad touch screen, etc. OR severe damage to device. OR device with unremovable locks (Apple iCloud lock, Google activation lock, Samsung activation lock, etc).
Damaged Device can be fully tested but has a problem such as the following: bad or quiet speaker, earpiece or mic; bad charging port; visible stains, light spots, or dark spots, regions, or icons on display; dead spot(s) on touch screen; problem with camera; antenna problem causing cellular or WiFi issues; button(s) not working; abnormally weak battery; visibly bent body; cracked glass; etc.
Good Device works in every way and has normal wear and tear. No cracks in glass.
Flawless Device works in every way and looks brand new out of the box with absolutely no scratches, scuffs, dings, or other marks.

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